As well as caring for families in our local area, HAVEN offers a repatriation service from any part of the UK to all parts of the world, for families wishing their loved one to be buried or cremated back in their homeland.

Tailored services are designed to suit every requirement and our extensive knowledge of many different customs and procedures, allow us to repatriate to all countries at prices that are often much less than expected.

Repatriation of the body

Some registrars operate an appointments system; you will need:

  • Full name of the deceased including Maiden name; Occupation
  • Details of any state pensions or allowances
  • Home address; Date & place of birth
  • Date of birth of any surviving widow(er)
  • Cause of Death Certificate, from the GP or Hospital
  • Money for additional copies of the death cert.
In addition to the official death certs , the registrar will give you a white certificate for the Department for Work and Pensions (DSS).

If you want the deceased to be repatriated, you should tell the registrar this. If the cause of death is being certified by the Corner, there may well be an examination of the deceased before this can be established. The death can not be registered until after this process.

HAVEN also offers a repatriation service for cremated remains to be returned to their homeland.

We are located within easy reach of the consulates and embassies within central London and our staff are available to assist with the legalisation of documents and completing all the UK formalities.

Arrange the Repatriation

Some of the issues for you to consider:

  • Are there any requirements for the death to be registered at the UK Embassy of the country of destination?
  • Is there to be a Secular or Religious Funeral Service before the repatriation? If so where?
  • Decide on whether you would like to view the body of the deceased and in what clothes.
  • How you can make the funeral special. What music & readings would be appropriate?
  • Should you have flowers or donations?
  • Where should the funeral go from? How many cars do you need?
  • How can the family be involved?
  • Does anyone wish to accompany the coffin on the same flight?

Repatriation of cremated remains

Depending upon the destination, some consular authorities may need to seal the ashes container prior to travel. Some Consulates require a specific container to be used, others may need to examine only the documentation.

At HAVEN, we can advise you of the necessary procedure.

The ashes may be taken by a family member on a flight, alternatively we can arrange for them to be sent by airfreight.