Traditional Solid Oak

Solid Wood:

These top-of-the-range solid cofiins are available in a number of different woods. They are fitted externally with an engraved inscription plate showing name age and date of death. Handles are as illustrated. Each one is made to order to specific measurements.


1. Cavendish: £1,295

Premium British Coffin with panelled sides and ends available in Oak, Utile or Walnut; fully lined with inscription plate and all fittings in solid brass

2. Windsor: £995

Classic British Coffin available in Oak, Utile or Walnut; fully lined with inscription plate External fittings in metal.

3. Last Supper: £1,660

Italian style Solid Pine Coffin with Last Supper panel and intricate carving; fitted internally in white

4. Head of Christ: £2,320

Solid Oak Coffin in Italian Style with a carved head of Christ in the side panels; fitted internally in white

5. Italian Mahogany: £2,020

Stylish Solid Mahogany Coffin also available in Walnut; fitted internally in white

Engraved side panels are available for the Cavendish and Windsor styles: £150